Thursday, September 17, 2009

F*R*E*E Online Audio Editing

If you just need a simple audio editing tool, try the new offering from Aviary called Myna. Myna is a free online audio tool that allows you to jump into recording, arranging, and mixing audio tracks for quickie soundtracks, or just for the fun of it. It lets you upload your own files, lets you record from a microphone, or use Myna’s sample library.

Myna isn’t as robust as Audacity, another free program, but you have to download and install Audacity. You can find a demo of the basics of Myna at Lifehacker and I’m sure that eventually there will be some Tutorials for this new tool online at Aviary.

While you’re at the Aviary site be sure to also check out Phoenix, their online photo editor. Once you sign up for the free account, you have access to this and a host of other tools.


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